Mary | High School Senior | Sun Prairie High Class of 2018 | Urban & Nature

I had so much fun hanging out with Mary, her sister and her mom for Mary’s high school senior portrait session. We traveled around Sun Prairie to squeeze in as many locations as possible. I can’t pick which one is my favorite. Between downtown Sun Prairie to the High School to a local park….they all looked so different. Mary’s prom dress was to die for in the wildflower field though. So beautiful.


Bria is 18 Months Old | Urban Family Session in on Main Street in Sun Prairie

A huge perk of being a photographer is that your friends from college would drive from Stevens Point for their daughter’s 18 month old photos. This time we switched things up for the Lindsey family and took a stroll down Main Street in Sun Prairie. We even had a little dance-off in Cannery Square. But the best part was Bria’s laugh! That girl knows how to laugh. Check out the picture of them walking down Main Street. She LOVED it!

Reese Family | Downtown Seymour WI for Urban Golden Hour Family Session

I was amazed when I met the Reese family out for their session in downtown Seymour that we could have such a variety in such a small area. We had urban family photos and steps away we had a great green space with long grass and flowers. It was fun walking around town with these four and I’m so happy I was able to get in their very quick golden hour session while I was in Seymour visit family.


3 Siblings Downtown Seymour | Urban Children’s Session

In 2011, Shari was one of the first moms to jump at the change to have me photograph her children. I was starting to merge from a mom-tographer to a photographer but still needed a lot of practice. I’m so glad she took a chance with me and I’ve been photographing her kids ever since. When we started it was just Ella and Lincoln. Maverick ended up being one of my first newborn sessions. My trips up to Seymour are very rare these days and but even ever possible I try to squeeze in at least one super quick session with this family to get my annual fix. They are getting so big and always so much fun to hang out with.

Wagner Family in Downtown Seymour | Urban Family Pictures

I used to make several trips back to Seymour and the Fox Valley when I started my photography career but now that I have a studio space in Sun Prairie, I rarely make the trip. But on rare occasions I am able to squeeze in a session or two. I’m so glad I was able to meet up with the Wagner family. I’ve been photographing them for five years and it’s so much fun to watch the kids grow up. Ricki asked if we could do the family session downtown Seymour. It’s the best place for photos. So much variety in such a little space. I’m so glad she recommended it and was up for something a little different.


Schroeder Family’s Visit from Seymour to Sun Prairie | Urban Family Portrait Session

I was thrilled when Cassie contacted me to set up her family portrait session. Since I no longer go up to the Fox Valley to do sessions, she opted to drive down to me. I’ve been photographing Hunter since he was 5 months old. Now he’s 5 YEARS old and has a “new” baby brother, Lucas. Since it’s still early spring and the trees haven’t blossomed yet, we decided to do half studio and half urban on Main Street in Sun Prairie right outside my studio.


Best. Outtake. EVER.
For some reason Lucas thought this was a good time to try to pull out his brothers front tooth! 🙂

Sarah is 3 Years Old | Downtown Sun Prairie Studio & Brick Alley

Lots of love going on in this session. I love catching up with friends from college every year when I photograph their family. I love Sarah’s “I’m 3 years old” birthday smile.  And I love that my studio is downtown Sun Prairie so we can have a little photoshoot inside with the classic studio look and then hop outside and have some fun, urban photos with the full family in the alleyway.


Family of Five | Downtown Sun Prairie Urban Family Pictures

Anne and I have had this family session on the books for months. We had high hopes that their would be snow for our December date but it turns out we missed the first snow fall by 1 days. 🙁 We will have to try again next year.

I just say I did do a little happy dance when Anne selection the urban location and even came from Madison to Sun Prairie for the streets of downtown Sun Prairie. We were able to meet up at the studio and pop in/out to warm up while we did the session since it was freezing outside.

As they have been for the last three years, the boys were fun, polite and well behaved which lead to a stellar session.

brothers-holding-chalkboards-with-ages posed-family-in-urban-setting-with-brick brothers-candid-sitting-on-sidewalk-in-sun-prairie
family-downtown-sun-prairie laughing-siblings-with-white-bricks3-year-old-boy-running-infront-of-family-on-sidewalk