8 Day Old Baby Girl in studio with 2 year old brother | Newborn Studio

Newborn sessions are always my favorite. It’s always so special to see first time parents when they come in with their new baby. Newborn sessions with a family that already have children are also just as special but I must say it’s the way the siblings act towards their new baby that really excites me. This 2 year old big brother was the sweetest to his baby sister. Seeing the parents with their “babies” never gets old.

Baby Vincent Newborn Photo Session | Toddler Brother | Studio

Rhanessa contacted me at the time many new mothers send me emails, 2:30am. To her surprise, I responded within the hour. A perk of not being able to sleep some nights is that I am able to respond quickly to my new mama clients that are up at all hours with their newborns. By 5am we had baby Vincent’s newborn session on the schedule for a couple days later. Timing was perfect since Vincent’s half sister lives in Texas and just happened to be visiting for the week and would also be able to attend the newborn photo session.

Vincent was a champ throughout the session and was beyond adorable with his big brother Henry.

newborn-baby-in-nightcap-yawning newborn baby toes newborn baby boy in teal round bucketnewborn baby boy in wood bucket in white baby boy with toddler brothernewborn baby boy with mom family of five with newborn baby and older daughterfamily of five with newborn baby and toddler boy baby boy with thirteen year old sister baby boy with older sister and toddler brother baby boy in blue on tan rug

18 Month Old Mini Session | Toddler Milestone | Sun Prairie WI

18 month old sessions are always challenging. This is the age when toddlers are on the go and are usually hard to please unless it’s their idea. Sarah was an exception to the rule and we had a great mini session. She did keep us on our toes and loved to show me how she can jump. It was also a special session since we were able to squeeze in a picture with her and her grand parents visiting from Minnesota.

18-month-old-with-parents-separately toddler-and-grand-parentsfamily-pictures-photo-bomb