Cole is ONE! Celebrate with a smash cake and end with a SPLASH!

Cole joined me in the studio for his 1 year old milestone session with a smash cake. His mom went all out with decorations and ended up dropping them off ahead of time so I had plenty of time to setup before they arrived. This worked out well since Cole is on the GO! He’s fast and would have quickly lost interest if I made him wait to set up the background. His favorite part was the SPLASH at the end.

Maxwell is One Year Old | Short milestone session outside at park with parents

I met Maxwell for the first time during my Dream Big Little One mini sessions earlier this year. He was just 5 months old but stole my heart. He is super adorable and sweet. I was thrilled when mom decided to come back for a short milestone session this fall for his one year pictures.

Two Year Old in Studio | White Background | Older Twin Siblings

It’s very rare to get all three of my kids in the studio for pictures. So rare we haven’t done it in over a year but Wyatt is now two and I thought it was time. Having twins was challenging when they were young but every day that goes by it gets easier and they are built in friends for life which is great.

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First Birthday Event Photography Session in Sun Prairie

My bonus baby turned one year old and my plan for a low key birthday celebration quickly spiraled out of control. His theme was “blue” so I ran with it. As a photographer, I knew I wanted pictures to remember his first birthday because this is such a special time in his life (even if he won’t remember it). Looking back at the day, I wish I would have hired a special event photographer for the party so I could have been in the moment. Throwing a party at your house is already crazy and stressful, but then trying to be the party photographer on top of that was a little too much. Next time I’ll leave it to the experts.

On the other hand, I would love to be the event photographer like this. It would be so much fun to capture all of those special moments with friends and family so the parents can be in the moment.

Here’s a peek at my boy’s blue themed first birthday party.

I had his monthly photos with his chalkboard displayed in the living room and the racing stripe went around the entire main level.

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My Baby Boy’s First Birthday | Sun Prairie

Tonight was round two of Wyatt’s first birthday photos. (Round one can be found here.)
We tried a variety of options with his pants, bow tie, regular tie and suspenders. I can’t decide which combo is my favorite. I think all little boys should be photographed in suspenders at some point between one year old to three years old. That is prime time for dressing them like 80 year old men and it knocks the cuteness meter off the charts.

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