Studio session with 4 month old premature baby boy

4 month old Oliver came into the studio for his “newborn” session. Since he was born early, he had spent the first four months of his life in the NICU. I can’t imagine how hard that would be for his mom. While I photographed Oliver, she shared with me so stories about what they went through the last month. I love that she brought in his octopus that he had with him in the NICU. She told me that this is something hospitals use for premature babies as the tentacles remind them of an umbilical cord.

8 Day Old Baby Girl in studio with 2 year old brother | Newborn Studio

Newborn sessions are always my favorite. It’s always so special to see first time parents when they come in with their new baby. Newborn sessions with a family that already have children are also just as special but I must say it’s the way the siblings act towards their new baby that really excites me. This 2 year old big brother was the sweetest to his baby sister. Seeing the parents with their “babies” never gets old.