Ryleigh’s 1 Year Old Studio Milestone with Smash Cake

Ryleigh turned 1 year old last month and joined me in the studio for a little belated celebration. You wouldn’t guess it from the pictures, but she actually wasn’t really into her smash cake at all but it was so cute with her pink tutu and the pink cake with balloons in the background. She did enjoy a little splash in the bubble bath at the end to get cleaned up.

Happy birthday Ryleigh!

Newborn Baby Boy Jacob | 4 Days Old in Studio in Downtown Sun Prairie WI

Baby Jacob joined me in the studio for his short newborn session at just four days old. Before the session, his mom mentioned she wanted his photos to have a “soft, simple look.” These are by far my favorite type of sessions and is always the style I go for. I think we hit the nail on the head with this one. I love that he even flashed me a quick smile when he was all wrapped up in white.

Studio Christmas Mini Sessions 2016 | 3 Set-ups | Examples

The studio on Main Street is all set for the sold out Christmas Mini Sessions on Sunday. I managed to get in 3 different set-ups. My kids helped me model each setup. I can’t decide which one is my personal favorite. They are all so much fun. I’m super excited to be working with Brass Tacks Resale with help decorating and props.

Theme 1 is Simply White Christmas

Theme 2 is Rustic Christmas

Theme 3 is A Bokeh Christmas

theme-1-collage-simple-wh theme-2-collage-rustic-ch theme-3-collage-bokeh-chr