Royal Oaks Rocket Run Winner | Family of Four Studio Portraits

Every year I donate a session or two to the Royal Oaks Rocket Run which is their annual school fundraiser. When the kids ask for sponsors to support them running laps for 20 minutes. They get a chance to win a prize and I find that offering a family session is the least I can do for the school. It’s fun to get to meet the families that win the prize but this time I already knew Will and his family. It turned out they are my neighbors! It was too much fun to get them in the studio for a family session. We even snuck out in the cold and got a few in the alleyway next to the studio.


The Gorski Family | Short Family Session in the Studio and Urban Downtown Sun Prairie

The horrible mosquitoes made us decide for a studio/urban short session for the Gorski family and it was a perfect mix for this family. Baby Davis is just 2 months old and decided to flash me a smile for his individual pictures and the older boys had me laughing the entire time. The boys being ages 4, 3 and 2 months were perfect for a sibling picture laying down on my shag rug and 3 year old Perry made it one of my favorite pictures taken of the entire year.

Extended Family Session | Short Studio Session in Sun Prairie

It’s spring in Sun Prairie and many families are getting out to get their updated family sessions. The Boguszewski family came into the studio for a short 30-minute session while extended family was visiting to get a full family picture. Even though these pictures were done in the studio, their outfit choices were spot on and scream spring. I love it!

I always love including grandma and grandpa during sessions. It was such a fun session. We laughed and joked through the entire thing and it was over before we knew it.