Chase’s 18 month old milestone session | Short family session near Sun Prairie WI

I spent the beautiful summer evening trying to keep up with 18 month old Chase during his milestone session. It was a short family session so only lasted 30 minutes, but he had me moving the entire time…and thought it was hilarious. I’m so glad his mom was gifted this session from a family friend for Christmas and I was able to meet them 6 months later. Family pictures—what a great present!

Short Milestone Studio Session | 6 Month Old Conway

I often suggest my “short” sessions for milestone sessions. The 30 minutes is the perfect length to get some family pictures and some individual pictures of your child. The parents than get to select their 10 favorite images to receive from the gallery (or opt to up-grade and purchase the entire thing for a nominal fee).

Here’s an example of the 10 images Conway’s parents selected from their gallery of 33.


Everly is One Year Old | Milestone short session outside | Dawn Golden Hour

It was a beautiful October morning when I met Miss Everly out for her milestone short session. As with many 1 year olds, she was a little shy with her smile but we managed to get a few big ones. Her mom dressed her perfectly. I loved everything down to her mustard colored leggings! Perfect for a fall baby.


Maxwell is One Year Old | Short milestone session outside at park with parents

I met Maxwell for the first time during my Dream Big Little One mini sessions earlier this year. He was just 5 months old but stole my heart. He is super adorable and sweet. I was thrilled when mom decided to come back for a short milestone session this fall for his one year pictures.

4 Month Old Baby Boy in Studio | Milestone Short Session

It feels like just yesterday that Asa was in the studio for his newborn pictures (check it out here). He was one of my first newborns in the new studio on Main Street. He’s now over 4 months old and came in milestone short session.

I love his Dumbo shirt!

“The very things that held you down are gonna carry you up and up and up.” ― Timothy Mouse