2 Year Old with 7 Year Old Twin Siblings | Indian Lake County Park | Cross Plains, WI

I spent the evening with the 3 most challenging children to photograph…MY kids.
No joke, photographing your own kids is the hardest. thing. EVER!
Tonight I did what I tell all my parents to do at the session: Let them be kids and not get upset with them if they don’t do exactly what I ask. It’s been over a year since I’ve intentionally dressed them up to get a picture of them together and tonight we had fun. Real fun! This is one of my favorites from the night. No one is looking at me (or even have their eyes open) but you can almost hear them laughing by looking at this picture and I love it.

I was double crazy with pictures of my own kids that I added in our dog too!


And at some point my twins grew up. They are 7 years old. Crazy to think it was when they were 18 months old when I thought “The thing they do at Picture People doesn’t look that hard. I have this big camera so I bet I can take the same pictures ….in my basement …. with flood lights.” LOL ….not kidding about the lights either. I should dig up one of those pictures.

2-year-old-running-away-from-older-siblings-holding-blanket _l3a1028b-copy-2

Pulvermacher Snowy Valentine’s Day Family Pictures | Indian Lake County Park

It’s been four months since I’ve taken pictures of my favorite family of three. Last time I met Lori and Cody at their house in Bear Valley (pictures here).  This time we made it a special Valentine’s Day and went out and did snowy family sessions for each other. It was probably my fastest session to date but baby Connie loved it. The falling snow was beautiful.

9-month-baby-girl-with-mom-and-dad family-of-three-with-baby-girl-in-snow baby-with-mom-and-dad-separately falling-snow-family-pictures family-with-bab-sitting-on-blanket-in-snow