Fiona is 1 Year Old | Milestone session with family including dog

A first birthday is always a special milestone session for families. The Ristow family was no different and even wanted to make sure their family dog was part of the celebration. It was going to be a very warm day in Sun Prairie the day we had the session scheduled so it was great we beat the heat with a start time at 8am. Happy Birthday Fiona!

Baby Coming Soon | Maternity Session with Family Dog | Golden Hour

When Sarah contacted me about doing her maternity session she mentioned wanting to include their dog in some of the pictures. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. This was my first time incorporating a dog into a maternity session. I’ve had countless dogs during family sessions, but not a maternity session. I wanted to make sure I captured their dogs personality for them. Gus was a rockstar during the session and I’m so glad they brought him. I can’t wait to meet their baby girl in a couple months!

pregnant-couple-with-family-dog maternity-pictures-on-a-bridgematernity-session-with-dogpregnant-woman-laying-on-husbands-lap-looking-up-at-him
maternity-pictures-during-golden-hourexpecting-baby-soon husband-and-wife-touching-pregnant-belly-in-field maternity-black-and-white-sun-flare


Schommer Family | Brothers | Golden Hour in field near Sun Prairie WI

The Schommer family drove down from Weston (2 hours one-way) for their fall family pictures. They said it’s worth the drive because they know they will have fun AND get nice family pictures at the same time. I had a blast goofing around for an hour during their standard session. The weather (and light!) was beautiful! Thank you for making the trip down to see me.

golden-hour-family-pictures posed-family-sitting-on-bridgeindividual-portraits-of-children-at-family-session  candid-brothers-looking-at-each-other-with-parents-in-background candid-family-laughing-in-golden-hour  family-of-four-with-school-age-kids-in-field-with-long-grass brothers-laughing-at-each-otherfamily-of-four-by-fence-in-golden-hourmom-and-dad-looking-at-each-other-lovinglymom-sticking-out-tongue-on-family-laughingfamily-walking-through-field-with-tall-grass


Brothers in Fall Family Pictures | 18 months and 3 years old | Lake Mills

Melissa and Matt drove from Lake Mills for their fall family session with their two young boys. At first their 3 year old wasn’t too sure about me but he warmed up quickly. I wasn’t so lucky with his 18 month old little brother but that’s to be expected at that age. We had so much fun during their short session.

family-of-four-with-18-month-old3-year-old-boy-on-yellow-chair-with-rivets 18-month-old-boy-with-family _l3a1854b-copy

Family of Four | Conservancy near Sun Prairie | 7 year old and 9 year old

This family has had my phone number for 2 years but life kept getting in the way and they never made the call to schedule a session. I’m so glad they finally connected with me so we could get some great family pictures. These were two of the most well-behaved, polite and fun kids I’ve ever met. Such a fun session.

grad-school-chlidren-brother-and-sister-on-bridgebrother-and-sister-looking-at-each-other  family-of-four-on-bridge-in-sun-prairie-wi family-posed-sitting-on-quilt-in-the-fall  candid-laughing-mom-with-two-older-kids natalie-bruere-sneak-peek mom-and-dad-together-looking-at-each-othergrade-school-kids-pile-up-on-mom-and-dad

Extended Family Pictures | Family of four | Boxer dog in family

Brigitte and her family drove down from the Fox Valley for their extended family pictures. We were even able to get the three cousins together for a shot 🙂

I always like including grandma and uncles. So many times when everyone is together at family events we forget to take a picture but these are the ones grandmas love to have.

extended-family-with-uncle-and-grandmaextended-family-with-dog-and-grandma  young-5-year-old-brother-and-8-year-old-sisterfamily-pictures-sitting-on-wood-crates two-young-children-with-boxer-dog candid-family-of-four

Two Year Old Pictures at Park | Windsor WI | Milestone Short Session

It’s hard to believe my nephew is already two. My brother and his family met me out for a very quick, wet and buggy session but you would never guess with the smiles on their faces. What troopers.

I also love that he brought his favorite stuffed animal. The snuggles with Bobbes  is too cute!

2-year-old-boy-standing-on-chair-and-with-favorite-stuffed-animal2-year-old-boy-looking-up   series-with-small-boy-with-both-parents-together-and-separatefamily-of-three-sitting-on-grass-with-2-year-old candid-family-walking-with-small-child