12 Day Old Baby Boy | Newborn photos in studio with siblings | Family of 7

Last year a newborn photo of baby Israel and his dad won my best photo of the year contest. And now baby Israel has his own baby brother! Their family of 7 came into the studio for Asa’s newborn pictures. With a late November birthday, I had to squeeze in a couple seasonal setups with evergreen and Christmas knit cap.
newborn-baby-with-4-siblingsfamily-of-7-with-newborn-baby mom-and-dad-holding-newborn-baby-boyblack-and-white-with-dad-holding-baby-shirtless
baby-boy-in-circle-bucket-with-evergreen baby-boy-with-night-cap-and-matching-pants red-white-striped-nightcap-on-baby sleeping-newborn-baby-boy-white-and-greysleeping-baby-holding-tiny-grey-bunny

Newborn Portraits | First baby at Photography Studio on Main | Baby 12 days old

I was so excited to set up newborn portraits for Ann and Joe’s baby girl. She was the first baby in the new studio space on Main St in Sun Prairie. She was a dream to work with and I didn’t see her eyes the entire two-and-a-half hours. From setups with purple/brown and tiny bunnies to Christmas theme of red/white night caps, she rocked every one.
newborn-girl-in-purple-hugging-bunny newborn-girl-purple-headband-with-tiny-bunny baby-girl-smiling-with-evergreen baby-girl-with-gold-and-greenery baby-girl-in-pink-and-brownbaby-girl-hugging-bear-in-pink   christmas-newborn-baby-wiht-night-cap dads-hands-holding-newborn-baby-girl-black-and-white mom-and-dad-separately-holding-newborn-baby parents-holding-newborn-smiling-at-eachother-in-black-shirts

Studio Christmas Mini Sessions 2016 | 3 Set-ups | Examples

The studio on Main Street is all set for the sold out Christmas Mini Sessions on Sunday. I managed to get in 3 different set-ups. My kids helped me model each setup. I can’t decide which one is my personal favorite. They are all so much fun. I’m super excited to be working with Brass Tacks Resale with help decorating and props.

Theme 1 is Simply White Christmas

Theme 2 is Rustic Christmas

Theme 3 is A Bokeh Christmas

theme-1-collage-simple-wh theme-2-collage-rustic-ch theme-3-collage-bokeh-chr