Schroeder Family’s Visit from Seymour to Sun Prairie | Urban Family Portrait Session

I was thrilled when Cassie contacted me to set up her family portrait session. Since I no longer go up to the Fox Valley to do sessions, she opted to drive down to me. I’ve been photographing Hunter since he was 5 months old. Now he’s 5 YEARS old and has a “new” baby brother, Lucas. Since it’s still early spring and the trees haven’t blossomed yet, we decided to do half studio and half urban on Main Street in Sun Prairie right outside my studio.


Best. Outtake. EVER.
For some reason Lucas thought this was a good time to try to pull out his brothers front tooth! 🙂

Gordon is 1 Year Old | Milestone Pictures | Big Sister is Turning 3 years old | annual fall family pictures

I had this milestone session scheduled for months with Amy. I knew we would be taking a risk scheduling an outdoor session in November but getting in Gordon’s 1 year and Anne’s 3 year old pictures were going to happen. Thankfully it was beautiful for their morning family session. I can’t believe how big Anne is getting. I still remember the first time I met her when she was just a few months old. She was not a fan of me and all my loud, silly noises. I’ve learned to tone down my noise level when around her but this time she was asking to squeak my toys and she loved every part of it. Thank you to Amy and Phil who continue to make the trip to see me. I know driving 90 minutes one way from the Fox Valley isn’t the easiest at time, but it’s always great to see you and your fantastic kids!

individual-pictures-of-1-year-old-boy-and-older-sister3-year-old-girl-and-1-year-old-brother-laughing1-year-old-with-huge-smile-and-leaf3-year-old-girl-laughing family-of-four-standing-on-fall-leavescandid-picture-with-dad-and-1-year-old-pointing   mom-with-two-kids-in-autumn parents-looking-at-eachother-with-3-year-old-on-shoulders siblings-together-on-gold-chair-in-fall

Annual Family Pictures | Brothers | Fall in DeForest Wi

I met Erica two years ago when her oldest son started kindergarten and our kids were at the same bus stop. Last year, bus stop chatting lead to their first RMP session. Another year had gone by before more bus stop chatting lead to us realizing we are from the same small town of Seymour and she actually graduated high school with my sister. How that had not come up before, I have no idea, but it’s such a small world and I laugh every time I think of it that we ended up living just three blocks away from each other.

As always, her boys were on their best behavior and were so much fun during their short session with me. It was a beautiful fall evening when we met up in DeForest.

3-year-old-and-6-year-old-brothers-laughing  individuals-of-brothers-age-three-and-fivefall-family-pictures-with-two-boys family-with-boy-on-dads-shoulders  siblings-and-parents-separate-during-golden-hourcandid-family-of-4-laughing

Schommer Family | Brothers | Golden Hour in field near Sun Prairie WI

The Schommer family drove down from Weston (2 hours one-way) for their fall family pictures. They said it’s worth the drive because they know they will have fun AND get nice family pictures at the same time. I had a blast goofing around for an hour during their standard session. The weather (and light!) was beautiful! Thank you for making the trip down to see me.

golden-hour-family-pictures posed-family-sitting-on-bridgeindividual-portraits-of-children-at-family-session  candid-brothers-looking-at-each-other-with-parents-in-background candid-family-laughing-in-golden-hour  family-of-four-with-school-age-kids-in-field-with-long-grass brothers-laughing-at-each-otherfamily-of-four-by-fence-in-golden-hourmom-and-dad-looking-at-each-other-lovinglymom-sticking-out-tongue-on-family-laughingfamily-walking-through-field-with-tall-grass


Family of Four | Conservancy near Sun Prairie | 7 year old and 9 year old

This family has had my phone number for 2 years but life kept getting in the way and they never made the call to schedule a session. I’m so glad they finally connected with me so we could get some great family pictures. These were two of the most well-behaved, polite and fun kids I’ve ever met. Such a fun session.

grad-school-chlidren-brother-and-sister-on-bridgebrother-and-sister-looking-at-each-other  family-of-four-on-bridge-in-sun-prairie-wi family-posed-sitting-on-quilt-in-the-fall  candid-laughing-mom-with-two-older-kids natalie-bruere-sneak-peek mom-and-dad-together-looking-at-each-othergrade-school-kids-pile-up-on-mom-and-dad