Extended Family Pictures | Bucky Badger Red | Grandparents with Grand kids | Oregon WI

I always tell my clients to include grandparents in their family pictures whenever possible. This is one thing that’s always overlooked. We focus on our new, growing family and forget grandma and grandpa would LOVE to have pictures of their entire family. I’ve been photographing Steph’s family for 5 years. She then introduced me to her sister Kim and I’ve been their photographer since Aiden was born. I’m so, so happy we were able to get a session with the ENTIRE family (even if it was tricky with 5 kids under the age of 5).

Go Bucky!

candid-extended-family   happy-grandparents-with-5-grand-children-under-5 happy-grandparents-with-grandkids older-parents-with-their-grown-childrengrandma-and-grandpa-together