Gordon is 6 Months Old | Big Sister is 2 1/2 | Siblings in Sun Prairie Studio

I was so excited when Amy contacted me a few months back to set up a studio session for Gordon and Anne. They were coming to Sun Prairie from Menasha to visit friends and wanted to kill two birds with one stone by doing the session during the same trip. I haven’t seen Miss Anne since she was 9 months old and never met their newest addition, Gordon. Amy and Phil, you’ve got two cuties on your hands. Gordon is the charmer and Anne is the talker.

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Two Year Old in Studio | White Background | Older Twin Siblings

It’s very rare to get all three of my kids in the studio for pictures. So rare we haven’t done it in over a year but Wyatt is now two and I thought it was time. Having twins was challenging when they were young but every day that goes by it gets easier and they are built in friends for life which is great.

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2 Year Old Photo Session During Golden Hour | Sun Prairie, WI

I always encourage families to do their session during golden hours which is 1-2 hours before sunset. If not cloudy, the light at this time is beautiful. Many times this is past bedtime or is a child’s witching hour so the parents will opt for a mid-morning session.

My good friend took me up on my suggestion and we took her 2 year old out at 7pm. It was a beautiful night in Sun Prairie. The light was perfect and so was the mood of the 2 year old girl. I think she kinda enjoyed staying out past her bedtime.

And thank you Brass Tracks in Sun Prairie who gave me a heads up with this little yellow chair came into their store. It’s PERFECT!

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