Asa and Israel | Milestone Session with Brothers

It’s been a year since I’ve seen these two boys. (Here’s Asa’s 1 year milestone session.) It was fun to have 2 year old Asa and 3 year old Israel back in the studio. Israel is really turning into quite the little model and ham in front of the camera. Of course I needed to get a couple action shots of these boys so we had a jumping contest at the end.

Uthara is one year old | Milestone session in studio with smash cake

It was fun to celebrate Uthara’s 1st birthday as a milestone session in the studio. At first she wasn’t sure what to think about the studio but she warmed up just enough for me to see her beautiful smile. Her favorite thing to do is have mom or dad bounce her…and snuggle…lots and lots of snuggles. So sweet!

Mia is one! | First birthday milestone session

I was so excited when Laura contacted me this spring to set up Mia’s first birthday milestone session. They decided to drive up from Chicago to make the session super special for Mia. Our evening golden hour session may have been a tad warm and buggy, but that’s pretty much what a perfect summer evening is in Wisconsin. Mia’s expressions and smiles made me laugh through the entire session.

Harutaka is 1 | Milestone session at Memorial Union Terrace

I spent the morning at the Memorial Union Terrace to celebrate Harutaka’s 1st birthday. For this special milestone session, his mom asked to do it at the terrace. Harutaka’s dad is a PhD studio at Madison and they’ve lived here a couple years and want to make sure they remember all of their special spots they enjoy in the city. The terrace is always a favorite of mine too since it’s so colorful, no matter what (… well, as long as the table and chairs are out).

Happy 1st Birthday Harutaka! You are the cutest little sailor around.

Sylvia is 3 years old! | Studio milestone session with sibling

I’ve been photographing Sylvia since she was 6 months old. One of her pictures from her 6 month session is still an all time favorite of mine and hangs in the studio window on Main Street in Sun Prairie. She joined me in the studio with her older brother for a short milestone session for her 3rd birthday! The pictures of siblings laughing together are always my favorite.

Brothers together for fall portraits

I met this family over 4 years ago. It’s always fun to watch them interact together. Always the best behavior but always wanting to have fun, especially 4 year old Tanner. This year their mom only wanted photos of the boys since they change so much year to year. Since last year we did urban in downtown Sun Prairie, we did the exact opposite with a session at golden hour in the fall.

8 Month Old Boy and his 2 Year Old Brother in Studio & Urban in Sun Prairie

Israel came in for his second birthday and brought his little brother along so we could take 8 month old portraits of Asa too! These two are such serious kids when it comes to taking their pictures but I lucked out and got a few great smiles. And also a few of Israel being the typical two year old and sticking out his tongue at me.