About Rachel

rachel manzke in studio

My name is Rachel and I am a newborn photographer. I own Rachel Manzke Photography in downtown Sun Prairie.

I am originally from Seymour, WI. I went to college at UW-Stevens Point and moved to the Madison area shortly after graduating with a degree in Communications.

I have always been an artist at heart, which I probably get from my mother, Susan Manzke, who is an author and artist. My media of choice was typically acrylic paint, but after having twins it was difficult to find time to be creative, which is where photography comes in.

I started my photography journey in 2010 when my twins were less than a year old. I received my first “big” camera as a Mother’s Day gift, and started out using it on the Auto setting. After getting comfortable with the camera, I decided I wanted to learn more than just the basics and started taking classes through Wheelhouse Studios of Wisconsin Union at UW-Madison.

At first, I primarily photographed my children, and then began branching out to include my friends’ kids. In 2011 I decided to take it a step further, and officially started my own business. Even though my legal name is Rachel Giblin, I decided to use my maiden name for my new business, and that is where the “Manzke” in Rachel Manzke Photography came from. It was a way for me hold on to a bit of my pre-marriage identity, as well as helped keep some separation between new business and my full-time job as a digital marketing manager.

Before opening the studio on Main Street in downtown Sun Prairie, I had an in-home studio for 5 years. I moved into my studio space in 2016 and love that I have my own private space to specialize in newborns and make every session special for both new and experienced parents.

In 2017 my mother and I collaborated on a children’s book, Up and Down TwinsMy mother wrote the book about my twins and asked me to take the photos for the book. I took it one step further and completely illustrated the book with a combination of photos and hand-drawn doodles.

When I am not chasing around other people’s kids for pictures or working my full-time job, I am spending time with my family. I am a wife to an amazing man and mother of three fantastic children. My twins attend Royal Oaks Elementary. Our youngest is in 4K at Rock-A-Bye and can’t wait to become a Rocket next year.

Family Photo Credit: Heather Beach Photography