Gordon is 1 Year Old | Milestone Pictures | Big Sister is Turning 3 years old | annual fall family pictures

I had this milestone session scheduled for months with Amy. I knew we would be taking a risk scheduling an outdoor session in November but getting in Gordon’s 1 year and Anne’s 3 year old pictures were going to happen. Thankfully it was beautiful for their morning family session. I can’t believe how big Anne is getting. I still remember the first time I met her when she was just a few months old. She was not a fan of me and all my loud, silly noises. I’ve learned to tone down my noise level when around her but this time she was asking to squeak my toys and she loved every part of it. Thank you to Amy and Phil who continue to make the trip to see me. I know driving 90 minutes one way from the Fox Valley isn’t the easiest at time, but it’s always great to see you and your fantastic kids!

individual-pictures-of-1-year-old-boy-and-older-sister3-year-old-girl-and-1-year-old-brother-laughing1-year-old-with-huge-smile-and-leaf3-year-old-girl-laughing family-of-four-standing-on-fall-leavescandid-picture-with-dad-and-1-year-old-pointing   mom-with-two-kids-in-autumn parents-looking-at-eachother-with-3-year-old-on-shoulders siblings-together-on-gold-chair-in-fall