Annual Family Pictures | Brothers | Fall in DeForest Wi

I met Erica two years ago when her oldest son started kindergarten and our kids were at the same bus stop. Last year, bus stop chatting lead to their first RMP session. Another year had gone by before more bus stop chatting lead to us realizing we are from the same small town of Seymour and she actually graduated high school with my sister. How that had not come up before, I have no idea, but it’s such a small world and I laugh every time I think of it that we ended up living just three blocks away from each other.

As always, her boys were on their best behavior and were so much fun during their short session with me. It was a beautiful fall evening when we met up in DeForest.

3-year-old-and-6-year-old-brothers-laughing  individuals-of-brothers-age-three-and-fivefall-family-pictures-with-two-boys family-with-boy-on-dads-shoulders  siblings-and-parents-separate-during-golden-hourcandid-family-of-4-laughing