Business Portraits with Edge Focus Design | Madison WI

I had the pleasure of spending time with the four engineers of Edge Focus Design in Madison, WI. My brother, Russell Manzke, is partner and senior mechanical engineer and asked for some professional business portraits as well as group pictures of the team together in their new office just off of Atwood Ave in Madison.

Edge Focus Design provides services ranging from engineering design and analysis to photorealistic rendering and full-scale product development.

…good thing I don’t need to understand what they do in order to take photos, otherwise I would have been in trouble 🙂
small-business-group-efdfour-employees-of-edge-focus-design business-portrait-headshot-series-for-small-business Pictured Above Left to Right
David Barton, Founder and Principal Engineer | Russell Manzke, Partner and Senior Mechanical Engineer | Adam Marten, Partner and Lead Mechanical Engineer | Kevin Rooney, Mechanical Engineer Edge-Design-Focus-Team-Meetingsmall-engineer-business-working-series-edge-design-focus