2 Year Old Photo Session During Golden Hour | Sun Prairie, WI

I always encourage families to do their session during golden hours which is 1-2 hours before sunset. If not cloudy, the light at this time is beautiful. Many times this is past bedtime or is a child’s witching hour so the parents will opt for a mid-morning session.

My good friend took me up on my suggestion and we took her 2 year old out at 7pm. It was a beautiful night in Sun Prairie. The light was perfect and so was the mood of the 2 year old girl. I think she kinda enjoyed staying out past her bedtime.

And thank you Brass Tracks in Sun Prairie who gave me a heads up with this little yellow chair came into their store. It’s PERFECT!

2-year-old-girl-pictures 2-year-old-girl-standing-in backlite-2-year-old-girl-ph little-girl-in-jean-jacket-