Baby on the way | Maternity photo shoot in Bear Valley

This past fall I had the honor to photograph Lori and Cody’s beautiful wedding at their house in Bear Valley, WI. (Part 1 and Part 2).  Of course when we found out Baby LoCo was on the way, I had to make another trip out to their house for the maternity session.

maternity-couple-in-winter maternity-couple-in-snow maternity in snow
It was fun to have a mixture of outdoor photos, lifestyle and posed indoor all in one maternity session.
pregnant-wife-with-husband-at-home maternity-white-background

Lori’s beautiful inside and out. She is going to be a wonderful mother. 

The red dress!!!


Then Lori pulled out her favorite tank top that just happened to be her dads from when she was a young girl. This is her favorite tank top and it’s so special to see her in it with her baby bump.